Nisha Moorthy ’20 was our Chapter’s 2018-2019 Scholarship recipient.  Applicants ranged from recent high school graduates to second career students; a variety of current and prior work experiences; and from several campus locations. All the applicants showed a personal commitment to academic achievement, volunteerism, and Penn State citizenship.

This scholarship was established to recognize outstanding students enrolled at Penn State from our region of the country who have achieved outstanding qualities of character, service, leadership, and Penn State citizenship.  The award value is for a total of $1,000.  A portion of your yearly dues goes directly to support this effort.

Nisha was able to attend the Student Sendoff/Annual Picnic this year with her family and later thanked the Chapter with her kinds words:  “What a great note to receive over summer vacation! I’m extremely honored to have been selected as the recipient for the scholarship, and know it will be beneficial towards my education.”

We wish Nisha well this coming year!