Information for the Student:

The Penn State Alumni Association – Puget Sound Chapter Scholarship Program presents an opportunity for Penn State alumni to engage with exemplary students from their local area; to help them financially; and to encourage them to attend Penn State University.

The Puget Sound Chapter will award scholarship money of upwards of $2,000 during their fiscal/academic year (July-June) from their alumni dues and/or endowment accounts. The scholarship money may be used to attend any of Penn State’s campuses; engage in any major or degree program; and is intended for both part-time and full-time students.  Award funds may be divided between semesters per The University’s Policies.

Who is eligible?

To receive an award, student(s) must:

  • Be a current student at Penn State University and be in “good standing.”
  • Be studying at the undergraduate, graduate, or world campus levels.
  • Have family who currently reside in the Puget Sound area or have graduated from a high school in the Puget Sound area, in which the participating alumni chapter’s membership is based.
  • Complete a brief application (demographics, personal statements, optional letter of recommendation.)
  • Demonstrate both scholastic ability and character that shows a record of performance in activities both in school and in the community.
  • Impress the Scholarship Committee with a sound interest and positive attitude toward college and future career work.

Important Deadlines

List of admitted students (from Penn State University) will be used and contacted for scholarship applicant base.

Deadline for students to submit Application for Scholarship to the Chapter’s Scholarship Chairperson (

Decision of award(s) are made and recipient(s) are contacted. Arrangements made to award scholarship through Penn State’s Bursar’s Office.  An in person presentation may be offered at this time. 

Scholarship recipient will receive money via the Bursar’s office, split across the academic year.

The Selection Process

  1. Students must send their applications to the Chapter’s Scholarship Chairperson by the date listed on Part III of the application.
  2. Scholarship Committee members should not be related to student applicants. 
  3. A student who declines admission to Penn State University will not eligible for a chapter award.

E-mailing Your Application and/or Letter of Recommendations

  • E-mail your application and/or have a letter of recommendation to